Create a simple marketing plan you love even if you hate marketing.


Ready to stop spinning your wheels and get your business off the ground?

YOU are the heart of your business… 
The way you are being, the way you think, and the actions you take are all a reflection of this.
Finding the simple key to running a successful business that you LOVE, and which flows naturally, is to uncover YOUR zone of genius – that is the way to serve your clients and experience the joy, freedom and success your heart desires.


They are committed to their transformational work, try really hard to make it all work and yet feel like they are not reaping the results of their efforts.

My approach to business building is different. I firmly believe one size does NOT fit all. There is no pre-planned step by step programme that can truly optimize your FULL potential. That’s why I start with YOU to hone in on your zone of genius so that the world can benefit from what you are truly here to share.



What Clients Are Saying

“Sheela helped me take my game from local to global”

Anika Hurwitt

Sheela helped me take my game to a whole new level, from local to global. She’s smart, fun, professional, and really good at what she does. I would highly recommend Sheela’s marketing services to anyone looking to expand their business.

The Blog

The Vital (and mostly overlooked) Ingredient to Effortless Cash Flow

What do you do when cashflow is down, or even non-existent?

Well the first place most people look is to the experts.  So Googling “how to make cash fast” or calling up a friend who has done what you want to do or is bringing in money doing what you do is often the first port of call.  I know it has been for me.

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