Get the introduction and first chapter of my new book Inside Out Transformation


Get the introduction and first chapter of my new book
Inside Out Transformation


“All we are is peace, love and wisdom and the power to create the illusion that we’re not”


This simple statement from a good friend and mentor sums up what I have seen to be the truth of life and business and why I do what I do.

It’s such a joy for me to watch my clients as they wake up to the freedom that is their birthright and the ever present potential to create anything!

It has been a beautiful and eventful dance with life that has brought me to this place. I would be lying to you if I said it was all good, of course it wasn’t, nobody’s life is a bed of roses. And yet now, I understand my search for happiness and what makes human beings tick, led me to the Three Principles behind this human experience. And this is my life’s work as far as I can tell, to share these simple Principles. Today that happens via private coaching work, immersions, events on the Costa Blanca and community projects.

As a school leaver I had little ambition, nobody ever told me I could do or be anything I wanted, if only they had!

I trained as a medical secretary for 2 years and then went to the States to be with my man, but things didn’t work out. Back in the UK I wanted more excitement than my previous secretarial post could offer so I became a travel rep and found myself in Spain. At this point my future husband entered my life and I found myself in love so settled down ahead of schedule! Next step was babies and then out into the working world again where I met my soon to be business partner.

We both worked extremely hard and built a multi-million euro food import business from a tiny investment of just 2000 euros. Everything was great for a while and then I started to feel something was missing. I had the money, the independence, the freedom to do what I wanted, but I wasn’t fulfilled. I wanted to help people. I wasn’t sure how, I just knew that was what I needed to do.

So I told my partner I was going to step out of the business and follow my heart, no problem there he said, go do it. But then tragedy struck ….. at the tender age of just 48 he suddenly, and very unexpectedly, died. I was thrown back at the helm and tried my best to maintain a 20 employee business I didn’t feel anything for any more. It didn’t work, and with hindsight I can see that was because my heart wasn’t in it, I had no passion for the business any more.

I had employed the services of a business coach to get the support I needed both emotionally and practically to get me through that time, I was missing the support of my business partner big time. That was when I understood the value a coach can add to someone’s life, and so when I was offered the chance to go on a local intensive training in NLP and life coach training, I jumped at it. I loved it.


I was excited and scared, this was the first time I had run a business on my own and I knew nothing about selling services. And that’s when I ran into lots of others in just the same boat as me, heart based professionals not really knowing how to promote themselves in a way that felt comfortable and many of them struggling to make ends meet.

After a while of trying to do it myself and getting very little interest, I decided to get support from a coaching team who had already achieved what I wanted to. One of the most important things I learned was the importance of passion in a business which also looks like love to me now. A business owner is the heart of their business and so if that heart is not in alignment with the business, then the success is very limited.

That’s when I realised why I hadn’t been able to keep my previous business afloat.

A business owner is the heart of their business and so if that heart is not in alignment with the business, then the success is very limited.


I learned step by step how to get the word out there, what I needed to do to bring the clients in, and my business began to grow.  I had private paying clients and started running group programmes too, a far cry from the one barter client I had a few months previously!

But it was in 2010 when I stumbled across The Three Principles as articulated by Sydney Banks when life and in turn my business began to take a different turn. I thought I had a really good understanding of the power of the mind via several training programmes and certificates gained including Louise Hay, NLP, hypnotherapy and so on, but this was the explanation of how all that worked.

As the saying goes, all boats rise with the tide, and understanding the Three Principles is the tide to everything in our lives including business.


of seeing the simplicity in life and in turn business that has helped me to help others hone in on the same for them resulting in there being so much less to do than they thought.  They tend to have more time, less stress, improved results and a much better quality of life.

I absolutely love spreading the word of simplicity and joy which has included me interviewing highly renowned teachers in the field, creating an annual global telesummit in 2013, organising retreats and training courses out here in Spain plus co-founding and organising The Viva Event in 2015.

I can honestly say I love each and every one of my clients now, not something I could say a few years ago. If you are open to a mentor/coach/guide who is 100% committed to you experiencing joy, freedom and success all based on the concept that simplicity is key.

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