Get the introduction and first chapter of my new book Inside Out Transformation


Get the introduction and first chapter of my new book
Inside Out Transformation

I am very fortunate to live in an idyllic part of the world on the Costa Blanca in Spain. The World Health Organisation has confirmed what many people had believed for years, namely that the Costa Blanca is one of the healthiest areas of the world in which to live. This isn’t surprising to those people who know the region. The Costa Blanca has an excellent year round climate.

This makes it the ideal environment for hosting events which is something I started doing back in 2012. It was not something I set out to do, it was something that came about due to Jack Pransky (author, trainer & coach) having a desire to come and teach in Spain and so I found myself in the role of event organiser.  I loved it so much I have continued doing so year after year, so much so that it has become a major part of my business.

It has become obvious as the more events I organise there needs to be a central point where people can see what is happening in Albir “at a glance” and so this page was born!

I would love to welcome you here on the Costa Blanca so please scroll down and see if something whets your appetite!  I am always happy to have a conversation about any of the events, please contact me via this site.


with Dicken Bettinger

walking the path of ease

with Ian Watson


 the path of


13th-17th September 2024
Hotel Rober Palas, Albir, Spain
Relaxing, healing & rejuvenating

In our time together we will explore how we can uncover the path of ease at any moment, no matter what we may be up against in life and regardless of how long we may have been struggling. As Sydney Banks liked to remind us, we are only ever one thought away…….


for the


1st, 2nd & 3rd June 2020
Hotel Rober Palas, Albir, Spain
A Love that benefits the whole world

3 days of reflecting on this hopeful understanding of our caring potential plus 2 on-line follow up meetings. This understanding is based on the breakthrough teachings of Sydney Banks and the Three Principles that were revealed to him.







Save the dates
2nd-4th November 2024
The joy of connection

Join us for this very popular Three Principles based event to celebrate and explore the living joy that is available within us all; connecting in a way that brings us together in a powerful shared experience.

There will be keynote speakers, breakout sessions, VIVA surprises (may include singing, music, games, who knows what?), optional yoga, and a whole lot more!

Space is limited. Early booking is strongly advised.


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