Would You Love to ….

  • Feel confident in your coaching practice?
  • Learn how to coach from the Three Principles even if you aren’t a coach?
  • Be able to share the inside-out understanding with ease?
  • Know that you are enough both as a coach and human being?
  • Truly grasp what “Deep Listening” means in its most practical and deepest way, and how to drop into that state?
  • Draw on the inspiration of renowned leaders in their field?

If you answered YES to any of the above, read on …


“I feel like I went on a coaching course whilst reading this book …”

The initial review above has shown up as a common piece of feedback. It was a no brainer to create a coaching course because the book lends itself so easily to be the structure and foundation! 

Working with people from an inside-out, Three Principles perspective is not a skill, it’s an art; an art that takes not only a deep understanding but cultivation.

We will be taking a deep dive into the core questions and answers in the book, and each developing our unique art of coaching from the inside-out. 

Why attend the course?

In our many years of experience working with coaches, we see CONFIDENCE as being their major obstacle. You may relate?  That’s why we are gearing the course to help you walk away with:

  • Confidence in coaching clients impactfully
  • Confidence in sharing the inside-out understanding with ease
  • Confidence that your client has their own answers and you don’t have to have them 
  • Confidence that your client is whole and well despite outer appearances
  • Confidence that you are enough as a coach and being human!
  • Confidence that there is no “right way” when working with clients
  • Confidence in understanding the optimal mindset from which to do the most effective coaching

    What you’ll get in The Coaching Course

    • 14 x 90 minute interactive online webinars with Sheela where the 10 core questions in the book will be explored and deep listening will be practised
    • 3 of the renowned leaders featured in the book will join us for 3 of the 14 sessions to share their wisdom and take questions
    • One private one-to-one session with Sheela to be taken during the course
    • Private Facebook group for group connection sharing insights, questions, resources and support. Chana and Sheela will be active in the group too
    • All webinar sessions are recorded with lifetime access
    • Weekly bonus – video recordings of the renowned leaders interviewed by Sheela
    • Practise coaching sessions with other participants to deepen the art of listening and coaching to be organised outside the webinar sessions (see more info in the FAQ’s below)
    • Optional practise coaching sessions with volunteers outside of the group
      Barbara McNeely
      Barbara McNeely

      I am deeply grateful to Sheela and Chana for leading this course. It was a course on coaching, and a whole lot more. After taking this course, I have a deeper understanding of 3P, coaching 3P, myself, and life.

      The Finer Details

      Please click on the button – Keep me Updated – for news on the next group dates and times.

      Rae Warner
      Rae Warner

      I have absolutely loved being part of this group and of the journey we have all been on together.  It’s hard to put into words what an incredible space you have both created for everyone to show up, be vulnerable, be brave, to be love and to be loved.  The unique expression of who you both are, created such a dynamic duo that has enriched my experience enormously. It doesn’t really feel like the end, for me, it really feels like the beginning…… 

      Is this the course for you? I encourage you to listen in to your heart. Follow that. Allow inner wisdom to guide you. 

      There is an early bird price till 4th July 

      €1395.00 plus VAT where applicable i.e., Europe unless exempt

      Full Price is €1745.00 plus VAT as applicable.

      If you need help in splitting the payment, please email Sheela.

      And if you would like to book a call to discuss the course, please email Sheela at: sheela@sheelamasand.com. I am very happy to do that.

      Also, I do not want finances to be the reason you do not join us. Please email for options available.

      Katherine Bassford
      Katherine Bassford

      I learnt so much from taking part in the Inside Out Transformation Coaching course. As a novice coach, I was nervous at first, but I needn’t have worried. Sheela and Chana gently and expertly guided us over the 3 months and the group was so supportive and encouraging. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced coach, I’d highly recommend it!

      The Three Principles were introduced to Sheela in 2010 and since then her business has pretty much been infused with it’s unique and undeniably transformative magic in the form of organising events, coaching & mentoring and more recently publishing a book.

      She has been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to organise, mentor and participate in trainings and retreats with Jack Pransky since 2012 in her home country, Spain, and online. Her love of all things business from her past life as an importer of food and drink, her 13 year old coaching practice and her understanding of the Principles gives her an effective springboard and solid ground from which to help her clients not only grow their businesses/practices, but deepen their own grounding.

      Sheela’s first love is to help people understand that love and peace are our true nature because when that happens, there is a ripple effect and maybe, just maybe, the whole world will feel the love and peace that is our birthright.

      Richard Magan
      Richard Magan

      This course was an invaluable confidence builder for me. From the readings, the recordings, the live sessions to the practice, coaching with other participants and volunteers. All these components deepened my understanding and trust that love and wisdom is within me.



      Is it a pre-requisite to read the book before joining the course?

      No, you don’t have to have read the book before joining the course, but we do ask that you read it before we begin the course. This is for your own benefit since we will be discussing the core content and using it as the foundation of the course.

      Where do the sessions take place?

      All sessions take place on the Zoom platform. You will be provided with a one link for the duration of the course. If you haven’t used Zoom before, you will be asked to download the software on your device which takes a few seconds.

      Will the sessions be recorded?

      Yes. All 14 sessions will be recorded and you have lifetime access to them.

      Why 14 weeks?

      There are 10 core questions and we will be exploring one per week. The first session, and maby the second, will be an introduction and focus on deep listening. Our final 2 sessions will be for topics requested by the group to ensure a fully rounded experience. The first Course was 12 weeks and we found that it was a little too short for all that wanted to be covered.

      How do the practice sessions work?

      You will be assigned a group of 2 or 3 and asked to organise an online meeting where you will practise coaching and listening. It has been my experience that initially there is a lot of insecurity around this especially if it’s the first time. Rest assured I will guide you to see the simplicity, answer all questions and ensure you are fully prepared. The sessions will be on a regular basis and clear instructions will be provided when you enroll in the course. I want this to be a very practical course and offer you hands on learning. 

      Do I have to be a coach or have coach training to join the programme?

      No. This course is open to anyone who has enjoyed reading the book and wants to be able to share the Three Principles/inside-out understanding with clients, family, colleagues or friends. That could be in a group setting or one-to-one. Impact comes from our own grounding and we’ll be focussing on that primarily. 

      Can I pay in instalments?

      Please contact Sheela on email at: sheela@sheelamasand.com

      If you are ready to develop your art of coaching from the inside-out, click the “Buy Now” button and join us!