The Vital (and mostly overlooked) Ingredient to Effortless Cash Flow

01. 01. 17

By Sheela Masand

What do you do when cashflow is down, or even non-existent?

Well the first place most people look is to the experts.  So Googling “how to make cash fast” or calling up a friend who has done what you want to do or is bringing in money doing what you do is often the first port of call.  I know it has been for me.

But is this helpful or is it a “red herring”?

Could it be that we have been brainwashed into thinking that the answers are all out there – at our fingertips?

I am certainly not disputing that there is fabulous information out there on line and off line.  There are hundreds of thousands of experts who can teach us “proven” strategies and I am sure they have all worked for lots of people.

In fact, I am one of those experts that share good solid information on “how to” get the results you are looking for.

However, before implementing these proven strategies, there is a missing piece that must be addressed: tapping into your own inner wisdom.  I am talking here about going within rather than looking out there for the answers first.

This can be totally counterintuitive when we are feeling insecure and anxious about the cash not flowing into our lives.  Our thoughts are mostly about how can we get the cash flowing in and all the “what ifs”.

  • What if I don’t make the money for the rent this month?
  • What if my husband tells me I have to quit and go get a job because I’m not bringing in any revenue?
  • What if my peers/clinets find out I’m not making any money this month when I teach others how to do it?

And so it goes on.

So it can seem really difficult to hear past the loud voices of the what ifs to the quiet voice of wisdom, but if we are going to be living our most authentic lives and running our business from that most authentic of places, then this is exactly what is going to be of the biggest help to us.

A client story

I am working with a client, let’s call her Betty.  Betty is struggling with getting clients and bringing cash into her business.  In November one of the projects she had decided on was to run some workshops at the beginning of this year and she was to organize the dates and the venues by our next session.

On our next session she proceeded to relay all the reasons why she hadn’t found a venue.  After a few minutes of listening, I stopped her and asked her if she wanted to explore the REAL reason she hadn’t done what she said she would along with other things she had put off.  I pointed out that we could round in circles for weeks and I could listen to the reasons why she didn’t get the stuff done, and she could keep making the commitments and then breaking them.

I then went on to explain to Betty that my inner wisdom was guiding me to let her know I wasn’t prepared to take her money for her to stay in the same position as had been the case for years.  Something had to change and that something was for her to go within.

It was about an exploration of what is really going on for Betty.  She is a highly intelligent woman who knows how to find a venue and set the dates, that’s the easy part.  The situation was presenting itself with a far more valuable opportunity – to go within.  Betty agreed and that is the work we are doing together now – exploring her resistance through the understanding of the Three Principles.

This is the most valuable piece for us all, going within, and yet it is the most overlooked piece.

Why is that? 

In my humble opinion it is because society has trained us or even brainwashed us to cling onto the nearest branch (the next feel good strategy or step) because we don’t understand the nature of life.  We think we are broken and there is something to be fixed such as no money coming into our business means we are failing.

This is so far away from the Truth it’s laughable really.

The only thing that ever needs to be fixed is the fact that we are looking in the wrong direction and even that is stretching the truth.  Once we really truly know that we are innately healthy and nothing and no one can ever harm us then we are free to play the game of business and the game of life following our own rules (the inner wisdom guidelines) not playing by the rules (inner wisdom of others) of someone else as in following their strategies or 10 step plan.

Any sense of insecurity whether it manifests as fear, anxiety, frustration, stress or other unwanted feelings, is a beautiful gift, a gift that is pointing us back within to that space of nothingness from which everything is created.

And so if you happen to feel insecure in anyway whether it is about the cash not flowing into your business or anything else, I encourage you to take heed of this gift.

Go within.


And from that place take any action required.

If you would like some support on exploring going within, please get in touch with me at

To use a metaphor – once you realize you are the sun and that a sunny day is not required for you to feel better, your business is bound to take on a whole different shape.

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