Uncovering the Hidden Opportunities for Your Business

03. 03. 16

By Sheela Masand

I had a beautiful conversation with a beautiful soul recently who happens to live in Kathmandu in Nepal which I think is very cool that technology allows us to do this! It was our 2nd attempt after the Skype connection failed the first time, and I am so very happy we persisted and made it happen.

You see, she asked me a question that helped me see something for myself that I hadn’t really realised and it has been super helpful for my coaching practice. She asked what I had seen differently or what had changed for me and my business since realising the nature of life is inside out versus outside in.

I talked about how my coaching has been evolving and how I am seeing more and more that “being” with my clients is far more important than any information I can share with them. Now this isn’t completely new to me by any means, but it was fresh in the moment the depth to which I felt it.

People don’t want more information they can get that by using Google.

They want to be with someone who they feel connected to, who they know understands them, who has their best interest at heart and most of all, who honours them for who they truly are and not what they do, have or even the way they think.

Professional coach training teaches us to be non-judgemental and to co-create with a client and that the client has his/her own answers, but that’s not what I am talking about here. It’s much more than that and this has been evolving with the inner “work” I have been doing for me which is fascinating.

Again, no surprise there really and yet at the same time, as I said, it is.

This is not about the personal, the inner work for “me”. This is about the impersonal. It’s about recognizing the impersonal versus the personal and being able to take the personal out of the coaching. It’s about helping my clients see that for themselves too. Helping them see that when we drop the personal thinking and stop making it about “me”, then we are able to experience a freedom that’s just not available otherwise.

Coaching for me has become so much more than helping solo-preneurs get more clients and make more money. There is a richness to it that I can’t describe in words. It’s like eating a chocolate cake and then trying to explain to someone who has never had cake before what it tastes like. Delicious, mouthwatering, sweet, rich, smooth, exquisite, moreish and so on!

And when we are in that space together, so often it feels magical and magic happens! I know it probably sounds just a little far fetched, and I would agree with you unless I hadn’t experienced it over and over again recently. I am witnessing clients change before my eyes and for me that is magic. Nothing on the outside has changed and yet their world looks completely different. How can that not be magic?

Or could it be just as simple as a shift of perspective?

The answer is yes, of course (but I still see it as magical!). And the beauty of that is that once the perspective has changed then the opportunities that were always there become visible. It’s like walking around with an eye patch on without knowing it was there even though people have been telling us it is there, and then suddenly realising there is an eyepatch (the fresh new thinking), taking it off and seeing a whole lot more in the world.

And when we see more it feels like there is more potential. There are opportunities to connect to new clients. Opportunities to create new programmes or products. Potential to create and create and create! Blocks disappear because they weren’t really there in the first place! It was the patch, lol!

It’s simplicity at it’s finest! That’s why so many people miss it and that’s why I think it’s magical. It’s the blindingly obvious staring us in the face, but our intellect doesn’t want us to realize it is so simple and keeps us chasing for some new technique or tool or strategy so that it doesn’t lose it’s job of working it all out and implementing the latest and greatest tool.

So I am keeping it simple because it works and I really love being a magician, lol!