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12 months of  UNLIMITED  1 to 1 business coaching

It’s time to get off the merry-go-round of “one day” and make it your reality today!

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, stagnant or you just want someone you trust to support you along the way?

Let me help you. I get it.

Being a solopreneur can sometimes be a lonely business (forgive the pun!) and it makes it really easy not to get stuff done because there is no boss to answer to! On the one hand, we have created the freedom we have always dreamed of and on the other the freedom can become the trap of not getting the stuff done we want to because there is some shiny object over there to pay attention to! You know what I mean?

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt!

That’s why I am excited about this programme. It gives you the opportunity at a VERY affordable price to get that stuff done without a boss looking over your shoulder, giving you a hard time. I won’t do that, promise! I trust you to tell me the truth when you say you’ve done your homework!

Joel Drazner
Joel Drazner

In a single, powerful conversation with Sheela, several valuable insights came forth effortlessly

In a single, powerful conversation with Sheela, several valuable insights about my business came forth effortlessly, and I especially gained clarity around who my natural audience is. I also became aware of a stress-free direction I could take to reach two hiding-in-plain-sight demographics that are a natural fit for what I offer. It’s not that she employed any discernible technique, it’s more a function of who she is. If you’re looking to resolve any perceived hitch in your business progress or would just like bring your effective next steps into focus, you owe it to yourself to have your own powerful conversation with Sheela!

Here’s some of what might be happening for you right now:

  • You have amazingly inspired ideas for creating a programme, writing a book or launching a business and don’t take action on them or finish them

  • You are overwhelmed by the enormity of your ideas and could create them if only you knew where to start 

  • You bought a self study programme and you are not getting on with it even though you know it will really help you

  • You want to create or update your website but something always gets in the way

  • There is so much you should be doing to make your business work, but you don’t know which is most important

  • You are wondering if you are even meant to be doing what you are doing, is this really my zone of genius?

  • You can’t seem to get the clients you want or the money

Let’s turn that around for you and get you moving in the right direction

Michael Fall
Michael Fall

“I have more confidence in my own ability now”

Above and beyond Sheela’s role as a business coach what has been most rewarding and unexpected are the intangibles.  Via Sheela’s unwavering belief in me, I have uncovered and touched a deeper part of me.  I am able, I have what I need and I am always whole. Sheela has an uncanny ability to know when to help and when to let me help myself. Having worked with Sheela I have more confidence, understanding and faith in my own ability to execute my plans and realise my goals and full potential.

This programme is designed to be super impactful, get to the heart of the matter quickly and effectively, and get it done!

That could look like recognising where limited thinking plays a role or it could be some good old fashioned accountability or it might look like amazing clarity on the next step on your journey or tech stuff made easy …….

Who knows?

Well actually you do and we’ll be sure to uncover it all in our time together.


My zone of genius is being able to break the enormous into bite size chunks which will help you get it done.



Here’s an idea of what is possible when you sign up for this programme:

  • Create possibilities and opportunities for your business/practice to grow
  • Create a lead magnet to help you build a list of engaged potential clients
  • Finally write the book that’s been in your head for years
  • Set up systems and/or outsource to help you become more efficient
  • Create a marketing plan you love even if you hate marketing and take action on it consistently
  • Have your business work for you and stop being a slave to it
  • Sell without the yucky sales-y feel
  • And so much more!

Let’s throw the “I’ll get to it one day” out the window and get you smiling ear to ear as you see your dreams becoming a reality.

And all for just €997 + VAT …yes that is not a typo
…unlimited 1:1 business coaching with me for under €84 per month!

Registration is easy…

1) You are protected by my guarantee which says that during your first coaching session with me if you don’t feel like this is exactly what you need to make progress, your money will be immediately refunded.

2) Your first coaching session is 30 minutes. We’ll discuss your goals and dreams, what it is you want to get done and how you can move forward. We will then agree on your first homework assignment so that you can make progress.

3) When you’ve completed the homework, you can schedule your next 15-minute coaching call. After each call, you’ll receive the recording, confirmation of your homework, and the link to schedule your next call.

4) You have unlimited email support from me for the full year. If between calls you get stuck or need any kind of support just send the email and I will respond within 48 hours if not before.

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This really is unlimited 1:1 business coaching and all for less than €84 per month!
Bas van den Berg
Bas van den Berg

I met Sheela by ‘coincidence’ through one of the meetups that she organizes. I felt a click right away, because I’d been looking for someone with the business and coaching experience that Sheela has, combined with a heart-centered approach to life itself.

Sheela has helped me gain valuable insights about the things holding me back when starting my own business. Limiting beliefs that don’t serve me. I’ve accomplished important goals, such as more clarity about what it is I want to do and I even got my first client!

Sheela is a wonderful person with dedicated attention to you and your goals.

Is it really unlimited? It sounds too good to be true!
Yes, it really is unlimited. You can have as many 15 minute coaching sessions with me as you want over the year. The only “rule” is that you have completed your homework assignment before you book the next session. The email support is unlimited too – you can use this in between calls for support.
Why is it so cheap?
Great question! Basically, I am aware that my bespoke deep dive coaching is out of range financially for some people and I wanted to offer something that is a “no brainer”. I want to take away the “money excuse” and really help heart based transformation professionals get their work out into the world. Another way I see this is as an “add on” to other coaching programmes. It can be used to get clarity, get accountability, get more understanding, help with homework assignments and so on. The price point makes it an easy add-on. And last, but not least, I know that generosity serves all of us. It’s something I am learning and hope I pass on to clients too. Giving and serving with generosity is what works and it feels great because it is our nature to give.
What’s the catch given the price point and the unlimited nature of the programme?
There isn’t one! It really is unlimited access to me in 15 minute chunks of time and over email. Your job is to do the homework and get done whatever it is you want to achieve. I am here to help you do that 100%. It really is UNLIMITED.

If you are ready to get of the merry-go-round of “one day”, then click the button and let’s get you to where you want to be asap! …I can’t wait to get started in helping you make your desires a reality!