Create a simple marketing plan you love even if you hate marketing.


Create a simple marketing plan you love even if you hate marketing.

What some of my clients are saying about their experience

“I moved ahead with renewed freedom, insight and positivity"

Sheela has a gentle but laser-like way of coaching right to the heart of the matter, emphasis on heart! She graciously holds your best and highest good with you, and helped me move ahead with renewed freedom, insight and positivity.

Monica Strobel 

“The thought of marketing left a bad taste in my mouth, but now I have a marketing mindset!”

I have been a self-employed Three Principles practitioner for about 15 years. I provide Mental Health Counseling and Life Coaching for individuals, couples and groups as well as Consulting for agencies. I reached out to Sheela for guidance in taking my business to a higher or more visible level. I had never done any marketing and to be honest, the thought of marketing left a bad taste in my mouth. “Selling” and “The Three Principles” seemed like a contradiction in terms. However, I was initially drawn to Sheela’s idea of being a Heart-Centered Professional who has something valuable to offer others and not being visible to others is really like withholding that valuable service.

Working with Sheela has given me many practical, nuts and bolts tools to help me be seen by a larger audience both locally and globally. I am still in the process of implementing those tools but I know that this knowledge will pay off for years to come. I also accomplished several things that I would not have done without Sheela’s encouragement and persistence, such as: creating a new website with a new host; creating my first podcast; offering the podcast for free to build an email list; doing webinars; and connecting with new people and more.

Most importantly, I now have a marketing mindset. I am much more comfortable with the whole idea of “selling” my services. I also see the true value of my experience and services, which is something I downplayed before.

It was a pleasure to work with Sheela. She listened well, nudged me gently when I needed it and stayed by my side throughout the coaching process. She has a wealth of knowledge to offer. She is generous, warm and really keeps her clients’ best interests in mind. I highly recommend Sheela for those who are looking for direction in their Heart-Centered Business.

Mary White 

“I published my book, updated my website and raised £2500 for charity"

When I first started working with Sheela, she sent me a questionnaire which asked all the pertinent questions as to what I really wanted out of coaching and my business. It was a great exercise in ‘thinking big’ and really getting clear about what it was that I wanted to aim for.

Sheela is both professional and friendly. Our coaching sessions were like informal chats…but with a huge dollop of advice, experience and motivation thrown in. Sheela doesn’t tell you what to do - she encourages you to make your own mind up and then encourages you to just go for it.

I cannot recommend her highly enough. She has a lovely personality that immediately puts you at ease. She gently coaxes you to follow your dreams and make them happen and I’m so pleased that I made the decision to work with Sheela.

Since we started working together, I’ve come along in leaps and bounds - I’ve published my book, ‘Life Begins at Fifty’, updated my website, organised a launch party whilst also raising about £2500 for charity and got a much better idea of where I want my business to go. Thank you, Sheela.

Helen Carver 

I met Sheela by 'coincidence' through one of the meetups that she organizes. I felt a click right away, because I'd been looking for someone with the business and coaching experience that Sheela has, combined with a heart-centered approach to life itself.

Sheela has helped me gain valuable insights about the things holding me back when starting my own business. Limiting beliefs that don't serve me.
I've accomplished important goals, such as more clarity about what it is I want to do and I even got my first client!

Sheela is a wonderful person with dedicated attention to you and your goals.

Bas van den Berg 

“I have more confidence in my own ability now”

Above and beyond Sheela’s role as a business coach what has been most rewarding and unexpected are the intangibles.  Via Sheela’s unwavering belief in me, I have uncovered and touched a deeper part of me.  I am able, I have what I need and I am always whole. Sheela has an uncanny ability to know when to help and when to let me help myself. Having worked with Sheela I have more confidence, understanding and faith in my own ability to execute my plans and realise my goals and full potential.

Michael Fall 
President, Rebel Fitness

In a single, powerful conversation with Sheela, several valuable insights came forth effortlessly

In a single, powerful conversation with Sheela, several valuable insights about my business came forth effortlessly, and I especially gained clarity around who my natural audience is. I also became aware of a stress-free direction I could take to reach two hiding-in-plain-sight demographics that are a natural fit for what I offer. It’s not that she employed any discernible technique, it’s more a function of who she is. If you’re looking to resolve any perceived hitch in your business progress or would just like bring your effective next steps into focus, you owe it to yourself to have your own powerful conversation with Sheela!

Joel Drazner 

“I now actually enjoy marketing – who could have figured such a change was possible!"

Working with Sheela has been a real learning experience and I have been both stretched and encouraged to take action throughout the course.

Before I took this training/mentoring/coaching with Sheela, to be honest, I just did not like the idea of 'marketing'. I have been, what I would describe as, a spiritual person for my whole life, and the idea of charging money for my coaching and changework was a tough one. Sheela really does come from a 'heart centred' place and she was so able to address, acknowledge and resolve my concerns that I now actually enjoy marketing! Who could have figured such a change was possible!

With Sheela you really get the best of both worlds. She was a conventional business person with a high turnover company and learned her skills in the 'real world'. Then she followed her own wisdom to build a successful business helping people (like me) from a holistic perspective. Sheela is constantly deepening her own learning and understanding of a 'heart centred approach', most notably through a deep study of the 3 Principles teaching that is such a revelation to those of us who delve into it. It doesn't matter if you don't (yet) know what that means. What it means for you is that ..

Sheela comes from the heart, from the path of her own wisdom and commitment to working and teaching from that wisdom. That results in her clients learning marketing that is individual and authentic to them. It has to be that way because it is about you learning to share your unique message with the world. I greatly value the time Sheela spent with me and want to absolutely recommend her to you in your business journey.

Richard Ingate 

“I have a marketing strategy in place which is proving beneficial to my business"

When I moved to Spain to open a Chiropractic Clinic I was looking for a marketing coach who would understand the Spanish market. I found Sheela and she not only understood the Spanish market she came to understand my strengths and weaknesses very quickly.

Her marketing from the heart worked really well for me as she worked with me as a person and she understood my philosophy which was worked into the programme.

She didn’t impose a rigid course prospectus but allowed me to grow organically to the point where I have a marketing strategy in place, which is proving beneficial to my business.

I whole heartedly recommend Sheela to anyone who wants to grow their business.

Anita Burnett 

“I’m not hiding any more!"

Sheela is an amazing marketing and empowerment coach. Sheela not only understands your business, but she delves into the heart of it to really search, build and have a strategy to take your business to its total potential.

What I find most inspirational about Sheela is it’s like having 3 coaches in one, a marketing coach, a personal development coach and a heart centred life coach. She has so many skills not only does she get to the heart of your business, she reaches the heart and soul of the person.

For me, Sheela empowered me to stand in the truth of who I am, not hide, not play it small, but stand tall in my personal and professional gifts, birth my inner power and build a strong foundation for my business to grow and grow.

Since working with Sheela the results in my business have been astonishing, I have the inner and outer confidence to shine. Not only has Sheela made an impact on me and my business, but by being my true authentic self I can now deliver a top quality service to my clients. It’s a win – win.

I would encourage all to invest with Sheela. The rewards, results and transformation are at a level that any big–hearted business owner simply cannot afford NOT to work with Sheela.


Julie Anne Hart 

“I achieved all my goals for the year and more!”

My name is Sue Lachman. I live in Israel – an expat from London. My website is

One bright sunny day in Spain after attending the ‘Viva’ Event (organised by Sheela and her colleague Sue Pankiewicz) I found myself in a café sipping Coke and the words suddenly came out. ‘Sheela, how about we speak when I get back to Israel…I need someone to help me focus’ . Honestly just after it came out my mouth, I wondered who had said that. How the heck could I afford to pay Sheela?

You see, until then I had clients but in dribs and drabs. But I started having sessions with Sheela twice a month.

She has an enormous amount of patience as I am sometimes going on at double speed. She has to reign me back in when I am speaking about what is inside my head but doesn’t make sense to anyone outside of my head. Not only that but Sheela is my biggest fan, always encouraging me and keeping me on track.

Sheela with her knowledge and calm manner guided me towards my own wisdom which in turn brought me closer to my goals. In fact I have now written three books (two at this moment are being edited). I have created a Parenting course. I run seminars and retreats as well as seeing clients 1:1 - and loving life.

Sheela has been supportive and skilfully guided me towards being where I am today. I cannot say it was all easy going. I have doubted myself and cried like a baby but all the time, Sheela was there believing in me and encouraging me. Not only that but I have gained a true friend who has helped spark my imagination and reach for the sky. Thank you Sheela, I love you dearly.

Sue Lachman 

Gain new insight and find solutions!

If you want to come up with fresh thinking in any subject, you must play the game! It is fabulous to experience (and see in others) how mindblowingly simple it is to gain new insight and find solutions where there weren't any before.

Amazing experience to grow like this with a group of people who look in this direction together. I have never seen so much love and understanding appear in such a short amount of time. Truly inspiring!

Katja Symons 

“Small adjustments have made significant impact”

Working with Sheela has been of great help to me and my business. Making what seem small adjustments to some of the things I was doing have made a significant impact. I am more organised, focused and clear on the direction I am taking my business. It is no coincidence that revenue has increased, including a couple of record months, since we have worked together.

If you are looking for someone who is experienced in business, will listen to you, understand you, challenge you and support you, then I have no hesitation in recommending Sheela.

John Dashfield 

“Sheela helped me take my game from local to global"

Sheela helped me take my game to a whole new level, from local to global. She's smart, fun, professional, and really good at what she does. I would highly recommend Sheela's marketing services to anyone looking to expand their business.

Annika Hurwitt 

Value delivered was amazing!

The learning was invaluable and the 'value' delivered from a very small investment was amazing. I will continue to recommend this game to others EVERY time it is offered and I would happily play again! I was inspired by what happened.

Shelley Boling 

More creativity and resourcefulness!

This was a fun way to break the reliance on thinking to solve problems and to instead, tap into wisdom for more creativity and resourcefulness.

The 3 week format was perfect for establishing this new habit. The class time always went fast and there was great participation by everyone. Also, a great environment for making friends.

Deborah Salz 


Create a simple marketing plan you love even if you hate marketing.


Create a simple marketing plan you love even if you hate marketing.