Julie Anne Hart

“I’m not hiding any more!"

Sheela is an amazing marketing and empowerment coach. Sheela not only understands your business, but she delves into the heart of it to really search, build and have a strategy to take your business to its total potential. What I find most inspirational about Sheela is it’s like having 3 coaches in one, a marketing coach, a personal development coach and a heart centred life coach. She has so many skills not only does she get to the heart of your business, she reaches the heart and soul of the person. For me, Sheela empowered me to stand in the truth of who I am, not hide, not play it small, but stand tall in my personal and professional gifts, birth my inner power and build a strong foundation for my business to grow and grow. Since working with Sheela the results in my business have been astonishing, I have the inner and outer confidence to shine. Not only has Sheela made an impact on me and my business, but by being my true authentic self I can now deliver a top quality service to my clients. It’s a win – win. I would encourage all to invest with Sheela. The rewards, results and transformation are at a level that any big–hearted business owner simply cannot afford NOT to work with Sheela. Blessings