Richard Ingate

“I now actually enjoy marketing – who could have figured such a change was possible!"

Working with Sheela has been a real learning experience and I have been both stretched and encouraged to take action throughout the course. Before I took this training/mentoring/coaching with Sheela, to be honest, I just did not like the idea of 'marketing'. I have been, what I would describe as, a spiritual person for my whole life, and the idea of charging money for my coaching and changework was a tough one. Sheela really does come from a 'heart centred' place and she was so able to address, acknowledge and resolve my concerns that I now actually enjoy marketing! Who could have figured such a change was possible! With Sheela you really get the best of both worlds. She was a conventional business person with a high turnover company and learned her skills in the 'real world'. Then she followed her own wisdom to build a successful business helping people (like me) from a holistic perspective. Sheela is constantly deepening her own learning and understanding of a 'heart centred approach', most notably through a deep study of the 3 Principles teaching that is such a revelation to those of us who delve into it. It doesn't matter if you don't (yet) know what that means. What it means for you is that .. Sheela comes from the heart, from the path of her own wisdom and commitment to working and teaching from that wisdom. That results in her clients learning marketing that is individual and authentic to them. It has to be that way because it is about you learning to share your unique message with the world. I greatly value the time Sheela spent with me and want to absolutely recommend her to you in your business journey.