Mary White

“The thought of marketing left a bad taste in my mouth, but now I have a marketing mindset!”

I have been a self-employed Three Principles practitioner for about 15 years. I provide Mental Health Counseling and Life Coaching for individuals, couples and groups as well as Consulting for agencies. I reached out to Sheela for guidance in taking my business to a higher or more visible level. I had never done any marketing and to be honest, the thought of marketing left a bad taste in my mouth. “Selling” and “The Three Principles” seemed like a contradiction in terms. However, I was initially drawn to Sheela’s idea of being a Heart-Centered Professional who has something valuable to offer others and not being visible to others is really like withholding that valuable service. Working with Sheela has given me many practical, nuts and bolts tools to help me be seen by a larger audience both locally and globally. I am still in the process of implementing those tools but I know that this knowledge will pay off for years to come. I also accomplished several things that I would not have done without Sheela’s encouragement and persistence, such as: creating a new website with a new host; creating my first podcast; offering the podcast for free to build an email list; doing webinars; and connecting with new people and more. Most importantly, I now have a marketing mindset. I am much more comfortable with the whole idea of “selling” my services. I also see the true value of my experience and services, which is something I downplayed before. It was a pleasure to work with Sheela. She listened well, nudged me gently when I needed it and stayed by my side throughout the coaching process. She has a wealth of knowledge to offer. She is generous, warm and really keeps her clients’ best interests in mind. I highly recommend Sheela for those who are looking for direction in their Heart-Centered Business.